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The Pet Comfort Newsletter, Issue #041 -- Raw Food Diet
May 06, 2007

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"There is no psychiatrist in the world
like a puppy licking your face."
~ Bern Williams

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What's Been Going on at Pet Comfort Products?

This week we have two videos for you. The first video is all about The Pet Food Revolution: Raw Food Diets. If you are looking for alternatives to store food, you need to watch the first video. It's critical.

The second video is heart warming. It's about a dog named Faith and she is really the most amazing dog I've ever seen. You do not want to miss the video.

Is a raw food diet right for your cat or dog? -- "The pet food revolution is here. It's time to consider a raw food diet for your pet. It's time for you to learn more and take action."

Faith is the Most Amazing Dog -- "If you want to see the most amazing dog you need to watch this video. Faith is a dog who walks on two legs. She's an inspiration!"

The Mail Bag

Question: "Who let the dogs out?"

Answer: Who, who who? ;-)

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What's Really Popular at Pet Comfort Products?

Pet Clothing -- "The future of pet clothing is here today. There are literally thousands of styles, sizes, colors, and materials available. Read this article if you want to gain some insight and inspiration."

Why Dogs Eat Poop -- "In this article you’ll find out why dogs eat poop. This behavior, known medically as coprophagia, can be frustrating. If you understand it, you’ll have a better chance of fixing the problem. Twenty reasons why dogs eat poop are provided to you."

Odor Destroyer -- "This is an interview with Philip Doolittle of If you’re looking for information on cat urine cleaner, cat urine remover, or pet urine issues in general, this is exactly the interview to read."

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