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The Pet Comfort Newsletter, Issue #044 -- Veterinary Secrets Revealed
September 30, 2009

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"There is no psychiatrist in the world
like a puppy licking your face."
~ Bern Williams

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Important Editorial...

I love my pet. If you're like me, you love your pet too. You'll do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy and healthy.

I'm always worried about my pets. It's so hard to tell if they are actually sick or not. Worse, your dog can't talk. Your cat can't tell you that she's hurting. It's so frustrating.

So, you take a trip to the vet. You find out it was something minor -- something you *could* have easily handled by yourself.

Although things usually turn out just fine, there's still always a huge problem: THE COST.

I think my vet is wonderful, but she's so expensive. I've had bills like this: $97.35, $165.32, $429.22 and higher! Have you felt this "pain" too?

So, I started to look around to see if I could pay a "one time fee" so that I could do more prevent at home. I'm not doctor -- that's for sure! -- but I sure wanted to save money.

Are you like me? Trying to save some money AND keep your dog or cat happy and healthy?

If "YES!" then you will be very interested in this...

Dr. Andrew Jones from the Nelson Animal Hospital has just released Veterinary Secrets 2.0 -- And he's a guy I definitely trust.

He's a real vet and he treats pets, like yours and mine. He's not some internet scam artist. You know the type...

I could write a really long email here, but I don't want to do that. If you're reading this note and YOU are interested to hear from a trained professional (not me!) then take a look at the letter that Dr. Jones wrote.

Veterinary Secrets 2.0

I'll tell you this... my eyes were opened wide. Here's just a small piece of what he wrote:

* Strengthen your Pet's failing Heart. Simple supplements to prevent and treat heart disease so your pet can stay active and happy.

* Cure red, discharging, Irritated Eyes. Use this healing eye herb which can treat most eye infections WITHOUT a prescription.

* Find answers for Oily, Itchy Skin on your Dog. Use this common household vitamin if your pet has a greasy coat.

* Soothe your Pet's irritating Cough. You'll be amazed and thankful for the first restful sleep you've both had since the cough started.

* Discover safe, effective options for Kidney Failure. You will discover a Chinese herbal formulation that has been very effective in combating ailing kidneys.

* QUICKLY give relief from Hot Spots. Do this first if your pet has a hot spot - apply a common kitchen drink two to three times a day.

* Instantly calm Aggressive Pets. Do this so they won't hurt others or get themselves into a dangerous fight with another aggressive animal.

And much more. I wish that I could write stuff this good, but I can't. That's why I really look to smart people like Dr. Jones. And, I like that he's an "insider" because he's a vet!

Here's that link again:

Veterinary Secrets 2.0

Wishing you the best.

Hope you're having a great week!

The Pet Comfort Products Staff

p.s. Pass this newsletter on to a friend if they have pets!

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