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The Pet Comfort Newsletter, Issue #041 -- Raw Food Diet
October 31, 2009

Your Trusted Source for Pet Product News

"There is no psychiatrist in the world
like a puppy licking your face."
~ Bern Williams

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What's Been Going on at Pet Comfort Products?

I've got something VERY special for you today...

We've finally launched our new pet store. And, it's just in time for the holidays. We're offering up discount pet products, cheap dog products, pet gifts and a lot more.

Here's a link to the Pet Comfort Products Pet Store!


If you want to "navigate" directly specific product pages, simply click on the links below.

Pet Carriers -- "Car travel, carriers, strollers, travel beds, travel bowls, travel crates, and more..."

Pet Furniture -- "Pet beds, pet bed frames, pet sofas and chairs, stairs, steps, window perches and more!"

Pet Food -- "Adult pet food, infant pet food, kitten food, puppy food, senior pet food, and more!"

Crates and Kennels -- "Pet crates, pet kennels, dog crates, dog kennels, cat crates, and much more!"

Training and Behavior -- "Bark deterrents, catnip spray,dog whistles, headcollars, housebreaking aids, pet repellents, radio and wireless fences, scratch repellents, and more!"

Doors, Gates, Ramps -- "Doors, gates, outdoor pet runs, paypens, stairs, steps and more!"

Flea and Tick Control -- "Carpet powders, sprays, combs, drops, foggers, repellents, sprays and much more...!"

Pet Health Supplies -- "Dental care, digestive remedies, ear care, eye car, hairball removal, lice sprays, medications, and more!"

Pet Memorials -- "Memorial stones, biodegradable caskets, memorial markers, and more..."

Pet Grooming -- "Anti-shed wipes, baths, tubs, deodorizers, grooming kits, scissors, blades, hair removers, dander removers, and more!"

Pet Treats -- "Beak blocks, bones, catnip, cow ears, pig ears, cookies, snacks, biscuits, rawhide, and much more!"

Dog Poop -- "Every you need to solve dog poop and dog urine problems, such as dog poop bags, dog urine cleaners, and more."

Pet Toys -- "Balls, bells, catnip, chew toys, mice, frisbees, playpens, ropes, and much more!"

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What's Really Popular at Pet Comfort Products?

Pet Clothing -- "The future of pet clothing is here today. There are literally thousands of styles, sizes, colors, and materials available. Read this article if you want to gain some insight and inspiration."

Pet Health -- "Many pet health questions are complex and it's very likely that you're looking for answers. You're doing research about the health of your dog or cat. This article will point you in the right direction. Learn more about picking a vet, epilepsy, diabetes, eating poop, and much more."

Dog Prenancy -- "This resource covers everything you need to know about dog pregnancy. Everything possible about canine reproduction has been included in the listing below. Please bookmark this resource, please share it, and please pass it along to your friends."

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