Do You Have Pet Health Questions? We've Got Answers

Many pet health questions are complex and it's very likely that you're looking for answers. You're doing research about the health of your dog or cat. This article will point you in the right direction. Learn more about picking a vet, epilepsy, diabetes, eating poop, and much more.

Veterinarians and Dog Health

This page will point you to articles that provide in-depth information about pet health topics, as outlined above.

Below you will see short snippets of information that are provided to guide you, so that you can make smart medical decisions. But remember, don't stop here. Do a lot of research and take your concerns to a veterinarian.

Let's get started...


Canine Epilepsy -- "This article (Part I of II) is about canine epilepsy, including how to handle epileptic seizures, preparing for the vet, and the causes of seizures." (See: Dog Epilepsy)

Why Dogs Eat Poop -- "In this article you’ll find out why dogs eat poop. This behavior, known medically as coprophagia, can be frustrating. If you understand it, you’ll have a better chance of fixing the problem. Twenty reasons why dogs eat poop are provided to you."

Canine Pregnancy Calendar -- "A canine pregnancy calendar is reviewed step-by-step in this article. Tips and advice are provided about handling and monitoring different stages of dog pregnancy."

Dog Not Eating Food? -- "A dog not eating food can be a minor issue or a serious problem. This article explores dog behavior problems, dogs eating too much, and dogs not eating."

Canine Diabetes -- "The purpose of this article is to outline the risk and symptoms associated with canine diabetes. Details are provided to help you understand why dog diabetes is such serious condition." (See: Canine Diabetes Treatment)

Prevent Dog Bites -- "The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of dog bites and dog bite prevention. This includes the reasons why dogs attack, steps to prevent your dog from biting, and the rules for avoiding dog aggression."


Cat Health -- "This article is about cat health. It explores how cats should act from day to day but it also provides a list of signs of a sick cat. This knowledge can help save the life of your cat."

Cat Kidney Stones -- "This article explains the causes of and how to prevent cat kidney stones, which can be deadly in your pet if not treated properly."

Cat Allergy -- "So you are one of those unlucky cat lovers who have allergies to cats? Cat allergies can be truly heartbreaking. Lucky for you, there are solutions."

Feline Hyperthyroidism -- "Feline Hyperthyroidism is a disease that is common in middle to older aged cats. It occurs when a tumor develops on your cat's thyroid gland which causes it to enlarge."

Cat Body Language -- "The purpose of this article is to clearly explain cat body language, including how cats indicate their mood and intentions with their tails, eyes, and whiskers."


Choosing a Veterinarian -- "Choosing a veterinarian can be a nightmare. There are so many questions but too few answers. This article will help you work through the investigation and decision process so that you make the right veterinary choice for you and your pet."

How to Give Your Pet a Pill -- "If you need to know how to give your pet a pill, this is the article you need. Methods for giving pills to dogs and cats are provided, as well as a series of extra tips."

Pet Medical Insurance -- "Pet medical insurance provides you with peace of mind and security. It can cover hospital visits, help you deal with serious chronic issues, billing disputes, and much more."

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