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The purpose of this article is to discuss cat allergies and then explain cat allergy solutions.

So you are one of those unlucky cat lovers who have allergies to cats? Cat allergies can be truly heartbreaking. Lucky for you, there are solutions.

So how do you know that your cat is actually causing the cat allergy attacks?

You are probably allergic to your cat if you experience any of the following whenever your cat is around you. Symptoms usually include the sneezes, teary eyes, sinus headache, skin rashes and runny nose.

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You should be wary that a cat allergy could be life threatening. If this is the case, you will really have to part with your cat and find him a new home. But if symptoms are only mild to moderate, you can keep the cat.

You can usually tell if it is the cat that is causing the allergy if you feel the symptoms coming every time you groom the cat, clean the litter box, vacuum or dust the house. It is also common that symptoms occur upon waking up especially if the cat sleeps with you. To be sure, consult an allergologist who can do some tests to confirm the culprit.

What is it exactly in cats that seem to cause allergic attacks to many?

It has been found that the sebum or oil that come from the skin around the base of the tail is the main culprit. This sebum, when dry, turns into flakes that are as small as the droplets from aerosols. Because they are so small, they stick to almost anything like furniture, walls and clothes. Even after the cat has gone, the flakes stay on for months.

The misconception is that it is the cat hair that causes the allergy. The truth is, aside from sebum, allergens are found abundantly in the cat’s saliva and dander. These are airborne allergens that cause respiratory symptoms. It might also be important to know that kittens do not usually cause the allergies, it is the adult cat that has the most allergens.

Immunotherapy has been found to be effective. It’s a desensitizing technique that will help your body get used to the presence of the cat and its allergens. This is a gradual process that allows the body to slowly develop enough resistance to the allergens so that symptoms may be reduced or even totally eliminated.

Having your cat neutered is a good solution because the production of the allergens is minimized.

There are other simple things can help you reduce cat allergy symptoms. You may try to switch brands of cat litter. You may even try shampooing the cat with a brand that you are sure not to be allergic to. Don’t do the vacuuming yourself. Have someone do it for you.

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You may also want to consider buying a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Another good solution is to remove all carpets and replace cloth upholstery with some other material that will minimize sticking of cat flakes. Having an air filter would also help a lot in your breathing.

An important way of avoid getting the cat sniffles is to keep the cat away from your bedroom at all times. This way, your bed is free from the allergens.

If you have a cat allergy, it is most likely that you are also allergic to other things. Once you already have consulted an allergologist and have found out the cause of your allergies, treat your allergies. Don’t let your allergies accumulate. They do have a way of building up until you reach your threshold.

Medicines are available to control your symptoms like antihistamines, nasal spray and eye drops. Aside from your allergy shots in immunotherapy, treat the symptoms with whatever your doctor prescribes.

If all else fails, then you will have to let go of the cat. This is the ultimate solution to your cat allergy problem. Never disregard the fact that your allergies could actually get worse and may develop into life threatening situations.

You should watch out for this danger sign. This is the time when your airways may become too swollen so that air may not be able to enter or exit. You would not want this to happen; a cat allergy can be very serious. So, take care of your allergies today so you can love your cat forever.

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