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I first heard about pet strollers about three years ago. They seemed like a silly idea and I didn’t think they would catch on with most pet owners. As it turns out, they are trendy and popular now.

Like most people, I thought strollers were simply an indulgence. A luxury for the rich and famous. However, there are some great reasons to own a pet stroller. We’ll talk about why they are good idea in just a moment. We’ll also take a look at how to pick out a perfect dog stroller or cat stroller.

There is currently a trend towards smaller pets, especially small toy dogs. Tiny dogs are quite popular. As owners will tell you, these small dogs cannot walk very far. If you want to take your little dog out for sunshine and fresh air but you feel like going for some distance, a pet stroller makes sense.

Many pets require assistance these days. They might need insurance to handle serious issues with serious costs. Pet health and animal medicine continues to improve, just like human healthcare. Cats and dogs are living longer just like us. They are developing arthritis, hyperthyroidism, hip dysplasia, and more. They are slowing down. And, that means that our pets need a little extra love and attention if you want them to get around. Pet strollers enable pets to be mobile. That’s the bottom line.

Pet strollers also allow senior citizens and handicapped people to take their pets outside without fear. Owners can take their pets outside without worrying that the pet will run off. Some pets have never been outside! Strollers offer freedom.

Some pets are aggressive while others are timid. These kinds of pets can be a challenge to handle in crowded areas. Strollers offer safe transportation in these places. They offer freedom and convenience

If you are interested in a pet stroller, keep reading. We’ll cover prices, sizes, designs, and features. It is notable that there are so many choices already. The market has matured rapidly.

Good, cheap pet strollers are hard to find. They do sell for under $100 in Wal-Mart and other discount stores, but the quality is questionable. I’ve also seen them selling for hundreds of dollars offline and online. Like many other products, you must shop around. Some retailers are selling their cat and dog strollers at a premium price. You could literally save yourself $50-100 on the high end products.

Calm dog sitting on the grass

The size and weight of your pet is probably the most important factor in deciding on what to purchase. It might sound strange but you should measure the height, length, width and weight of your dog. Be sure there is a proper fit between your pet and the stroller.

Also, consider how much room your pet needs to move around when they are in the stroller when it is closed up. Some animals need very little room and don’t move around much at all while others are like insane tornados. Your pet’s temperament is an important factor.

There are many designs to consider. Some strollers open up completely and can be folded flat. Still others have zip tops and zip fronts. Here’s a quick list of potential features:

  • wheels with brakes and brake locks
  • ventilated cabin area made of mesh nylon
  • removable, washable padded inserts
  • water resistant material; rainproof
  • reflective strips for night walking
  • flashing light for night walking
  • pockets and storage areas
  • cup holder(s), bottle holders
  • food or book tray

Some pet strollers have been designed for multiple pets. There are double-deckers and side-by-sides available on the market. The better ones can be split apart if necessary.

Once you’ve purchased a pet stroller, you’ll need to acclimate your pet to it. We have some tips on that:

Put the pet in the stroller only when heading outside. It is important that your dog or cat associates the stroller with being outside. You don’t want it being a second home.

When the stroller is inside, keep the wheels locked and the brake on. Children and pets like to hang out in strollers. If the wheels aren’t locked you could be asking for an accident.

Each time your pet is good in the stroller in the first few weeks, offer a reward. This is especially good advice if your pet is hard to train.

Your first trips out should be short. The trips should be relatively quiet and calm. Don’t go crazy at first. Let your pet get used to the stroller at their own pace.

If you are looking for name brands, here's the short list: Happy Trails, Kittywalk, AT3 All Terrain, Walk 'n Roll. Good luck with your search.

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