Interested in an hidden fence or wireless fence?

You are probably interested in an hidden fence because you don’t want a fence. Then again, you really do want a fence. You want to contain your pet, but you don’t want to put up a fence made of wood, metal, or vinyl.

Let’s take a look at how a hidden fence works. It is pretty simple. You need a transmitter and collar. You plug in the transmitter which emits a radio signal. The collar picks up a signal and your pet becomes aware boundaries you have set up. If your dog or cat continues, a mild corrective shock is given automatically. This is often matched with a corrective tone.

Hidden fencing has been around for more than 25 years and the technology continues to evolve. According to manufacturers, success rates are over 99% which indicates that this technology works for most pets. Millions of pet owners have purchased these kinds of fences and many veterinarians recommend these systems. Furthermore, these systems are for both cats and dogs. Excellent!

An hidden dog fence or wireless pet containment fence will work in many environments. They work inside and outside. They work in almost any size yard. They can be used in wooded areas and rough terrain. They work in wet areas and under water. Even icy conditions and deep snow don’t impact their operation.

The cost of a wireless fence system is very often less than the cost of traditional fencing. You are mainly paying for underground wires, a transmitter, and a collar. You will need to have a consultant visit you and your pet. The consultant will pay particular attention to the temperament of your cat or dog. If there isn’t a good fit, you’ll find out.

To get your fencing to work effectively, you need to consider training and obedience. Expect to get some education and be sure to have patience. You can find free dog obedience training, but we also suggest buying a book or two on the topic. Also, when you talk to the consultant or service representative, be sure to get all of their reference material. Squeeze value out of your purchase.

If you experience an hidden fence problem, you’ll need to work with a consultant or dealer. It can be difficult to troubleshoot on your own. There are many unknown variables, although the technology isn’t too complicated. For example, you might just need batteries. However, even that can be a hassle since you can’t just buy collar batteries off the shelf. Manufacturers force you to use their special hidden fence collar batteries. Ugh!

Most wireless fence systems have surge protection and lightning protection built in. This is pretty important in areas with frequent storms. If the surge protection isn’t built in, you can buy surge protection units. That can be a wise move. The lesson here is that your hidden cat or dog fence is an investment. Pay attention to the warranty!

Another safety feature is coded transmission. This means that only your transmitter will active your pet’s collar. Some systems don’t have unique encoding so in areas with multiple hidden fences, you might run into issues. Furthermore, some systems are turned on by televisions, cordless phones, and garage door openers.

An hidden fence or hidden dog fence can be a wonderful thing. Be sure to find the right solution. The technology is roughly the same but the prices do vary from company to company and system to system. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be working with a dealers and consultants. Our recommendation is to shop around, get references, and talk to other customers. Take your time!

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