Intro to Pet Furniture

Pet furniture has always been around. It is known as human furniture. All joking aside, pets love to share furniture with people. Some pet owners don’t agree with this while others welcome dogs and cats onto sofas and chairs. Still others purchase designer pet furniture. Your pet and your personality will determine the right path.

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. It is also made of all kinds of materials. For example, some pet beds are made of leather, wood, metal, and even bamboo. Some of these beds come with interesting flair, such as tassels and fake fur. Pet furniture might be more imaginative and unique than human furniture. Your choices are not limited.

While we’re on the topic of materials, remember that some furniture can be a hassle to maintain. In our experience, as you get more exotic with the materials, you’ll have a tougher time cleaning and maintaining your pet furniture. It isn’t easy taking care of boa feathers. Also keep in mind that some materials can only be dry cleaned. Some fabrics and some slip covers are visually stunning, but they are also stunning to your pocketbook. Caveat emptor, especially with luxury pet furniture.

If you are worried about wear and tear on certain parts of your dog or cat furniture, consider using covers and pads. Some dog beds and some cat houses, for example, have removable sections which can easily be replaced when worn out. This is a good idea for larger dogs and aggressive animals. If your cat has claws and the furniture is attractive, it will probably get attacked and torn.

If your pet is young, aggressive, playful, or otherwise energetic, remember to think about safety. Some pet furniture will have exposed metal, staples, or wood. This can cause harm to your dog or cat so please pay attention to what you are buying. Look for furniture that has soft, curved surfaces. It might like good to you but it might be very dangerous for your furry friend. If you think the furniture will slide, get wheel safety locks, rug stays, or whatever it takes to keep it from moving or falling over. Think stability. Stationary furniture is good furniture.

Some furniture – especially cat furniture – is meant to be attacked. A cat house might serve as a giant scratching post. We’ve seen some interesting pet homes that doubled as pet playgrounds. Your cat can have a place to relax and a place to play in one fell swoop.

Furniture isn’t cheap. If you are buying pet furniture look for a guarantee or warranty. In some cases the retailer will provide a limited warranty. In other cases you can get complete, 100% money back guarantees from manufacturers. There is not a standard answer but we do favor having peace of mind. It is painful, but read the fine print before you buy.

If you are buying outdoor furniture, such as a dog house, cat perch, or pet playground, keep a couple of things in mind. First, other animals might want to use that furniture. Keep it covered. Second, be sure that it is durable and that you can clean it off with some soap and a hose. Finally, make sure you have a warranty or guarantee of some sort. Outdoor furniture can take a beating.

With any kind of cat or dog furniture, remember to think about size and proportion. It might sound silly, but be sure you know that your pet will fit in that house or on that bed. Know the dimensions of the furniture and how much stress it can take when used.

If you are going to purchase furniture, it is likely that you care about taste and style. You want to combine beauty and function for your pet. Therefore, be certain to consider the décor of your home. The furniture you want might be perfect for your animal but it might not fit in or around your home. Also, if you are worried about style, stay classic. If the furniture lasts, you won’t have to worry about a passing fad. Is that fancy pink feather boa going to be cool for years to come?

Many people forget that they are buying furniture for their pets. As such, it is important to match the temperament and demeanor of your pet to the furniture. Some pets like to squeeze into small spaces and others like to spread out. By the way, you should also consider smells. Some pets will react to wood or plastic. Some manufacturers and retailers try too hard to please you, not your pet.

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