Before making a purchase, read this article about designer pet furniture

Designer pet furniture has become quite popular in recent years. In this article we'll not only look at the reasons why luxury pet furniture is popular but we'll also we'll explore some of design options.

Pets need love and attention. There are many ways pet you can show affection towards your pets. Of course, one way is to spend time with them, whether it is spent playing or simply hanging around. Feeding your cat or dog is also a way of showing your love. Grooming them and buying them fancy collars and leashes can also communicate to them that you love them.

Another way of showing your affection towards your pets is by buying pet furniture. Indeed, there are available sets of furniture for pets, moreover, there is designer pet furniture for all sorts of pets. We're talking about luxury!

Of course, you can always lend the house furniture to pets. We see it all the time. How many times have you seen a dog occupy the sofa instead of the owner of the house? Exactly who is the master?

Pets have become a part of the family. However, problems can occur when your dog or cat uses the furniture. For example, sometimes family members are too sensitive to fur and dander. Also, some visitors might not be accommodated with the smell of dogs and cats emanating from couches.

Buying designer furniture for pets is a good solution for the "I'm part of the family too" problem. It not only gives the pets a nice cozy resting place, it also beautifies your home and avoids awkward moments with visitors.

The key with designer pet furniture is to seek quality and style. Most cat and dog beds are ugly and don't match your home. A designer dog bed or designer cat bed is good for you and your pet. They get comfort and you get style. Everyone wins!

Not surprisingly, designer pet furniture is usually on the high-end of the market. It is harder to find and it is more expensive, but it is worth it. The best designer dog beds become works of art; you can impress your guests.

There are a lot of different styles of designer pet furniture. Let's take a look at what is available in the market today. Keep in mind that nearly all designer dog beds and luxury cat beds are high price, high quality, and high comfort. If you're not getting high quality, high comfort, and a great design, don't waste your money.


The traditional style of pet furniture is designed from the general impressions during the period of American Revival. This type of designer bed bed uses high quality wood such as solid oak which was popular during the American Revival period. The wood will usually have a satin finish and a deep and luscious tone. Traditional style designer dog beds usually have headboards and footboards that are upholstered, perhaps covered in velvet or leather, and covered with additional markings to accentuate the texture. Traditional pet beds are most like human pet beds.

Asian style

Another wonderful style of designer pet furniture is Asian-inspired. Oriental designs can be simplistic, like the Japanese style, which has a minimalist approach towards embroidery and structure. Or, it can be very vogue and covered with lavish designs and embroidery, which is more of a Chinese style. Chinese designs usually come in wonderful combinations of red and gold fabric. Wood used is usually added to make the furniture look older. This adds to the luxury illusion. The Chinese inspired pet furniture, including the pillows, usually comes with golden tassels which can really be attractive. But as a warning, if your pets are a little bit wild, perhaps the tassels are not such a good idea.

Modern Style

The modern style designer pet furniture is usually characterized by a well-defined headboard and by elegant curves. But, we have seen some furniture with very sharp edges which is quite silly and dangerous. Modern style furniture can also incorporate unique materials such as aluminum and fiber glass. We've seen solid glass beds and solid steel beds, for example. With the modern style of designer pet beds, anything goes.

There are a whole lot of other styles of designer pet furniture out in the market. We've provided a quick sample to get you thinking about your options. But no matter what the design is, remember that your pet should be comfortable with the furniture. And, aim for quality.

There are some basic things that one has to consider before making a purchase. Pets can react to some fabrics so you should usually choose a piece of furniture which has a breathable fabric. Most beds and houses are built from foam and fabric. Leather can be a good option for some dogs and cats, especially if they are not messy. Leather pet designer furniture doesn't seem to hold smells, it's durable, and it is pretty good looking.

Another important thing to consider is the height of the furniture. There are different heights and sizes of pet furniture that are available, so match it with your pet. If you have several pets, it might be best to get the lowest furniture especially if you have a small pet amidst several big ones, but make sure you pick one that is wide enough.

The furniture should also match the style and colors of the room where you will put it in. Many people forget to think about the rest of the furniture in the room! Why waste money on luxury furniture that is totally different from the style of your room? If you're paying a lot, do it right.

The bottom line is that designer furniture for pets is a nice thing to purchase. It isn't always just an indulgence. It can benefit your pet and your family, but it can also bring out the beauty of your home. Designer pet furniture shows that you love your pet yet it's an investment in style and design.

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