Need Bully Sticks For Your Dog?

Learn everything important about cheap bully sticks, dog bully sticks, pizzle sticks and steer sticks in this review. Get the details so you can decide on Red Barn bully sticks, Merrick bully sticks, braided bully sticks, free range bully sticks and much more.

Dog bully sticks are gaining in popularity as an all natural chew that is safe and easily digestible.

Bully sticks are 100% natural treats for your dog and are 100% digestible and contain less than 1% fat. Many people think that they come from beef tendons or beef muscles but are actually bull penises that are cured and processed and finished as chews.

You may not quite like the idea but dogs love these chews. They are an excellent way to satisfy the inherent chewing tendencies that dogs have.

While it is true that bully sticks are made from a rather unusual ingredient the main thing to remember is that they are 100% natural and make a very safe treat for your dog, irrespective of breed, age and size.

There are many natural versions of this chew that will aid in the well being of your dog’s teeth and gums. The slight natural odor is attractive and your dog will spend many hours happily chewing on his treat.

Bully sticks are called by different names, pizzle sticks, steer stix and beef pizzles are some of them but they all refer to the same product.

The sticks come in different lengths for different sized dogs and you need to select the size that best suits your pet. For variety you can get them braided, twisted, curled or shaped in rings.

Dog bully sticks are very safe for your dog to chew on; being one hundred percent natural they can be easily digested in the same way as any normal dog food is.

What is recommended is that you stay around when your pet is chewing to make sure it doesn’t swallow a large piece.

Bully sticks are very tough but some dogs are tenacious and will not rest until they have chewed off a chunk that they then proceed to swallow. Dogs usually swallow their food so this is a natural tendency that you have to be careful about when they are chewing on their treats.

Always be sure to read the label that lists the ingredients, you want to buy 100% natural bully sticks that come from USDA approved cattle that are raised for meat production.

Pizzle sticks that are manufactured to high quality and sanitation standards will not have any chemical, preservatives or additives like color or flavor, added to them.

These products are the safe ones for your dog to chew on and digest. Over processed meat, artificial coloring or flavoring and dyes will only harm your dog.

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