Need a cat litter box?

Cats are fussy. For this reason alone it makes good sense to get a good cat litter box. Nearly all cats like to be clean and neat. They do what they can to keep everything tidy and orderly. A good box will help them stay clean, healthy, and comfortable.

Much like our advice about pet beds, it is important to match the personality and temperament of your cat to an appropriate litter box. You probably don’t need to worry about fashion, but if you are curious it is possible to purchase cat litter box furniture. These are self-contained litter box cabinets. While that might seem funny or odd, there are good reasons to put the box in a private place. Your feline values privacy while pooping, just like you!

If you have a small cat or a kitten, you might want to get a smaller litter box. If you have a large cat or multiple cats, definitely get a larger box. Size matters.

Some have boxes have lids and some do not. This is an important decision for a few reasons. Some cats hate lids and will avoid the box. You’ve been warned. On the other hand, some cats like lids because they want more privacy.

If you do choose to buy a litter box with a lid, be sure that it is well ventilated and the there is good air flow in the area. The ammonia build up can be quite nasty.

A good litter box will be fresh for you and your cat. Some are very plain, while others are quite sophisticated. You can handle the day-to-day chore of cleaning the litter box or you can purchase a self cleaning cat litter box.

An automatic cat litter box will reduce your work, but not completely. You still need to take care of the bags and you still need maintain the box from time to time. An electronic cat litter box isn’t going to be 100% reliable, but overall it will be more convenient if you are willing to pay the price.

There are many interesting cat litter boxes on the market. It is an exciting time. Here are some recent innovations:

  • top access holes; your cat enters and leaves through the top
  • swinging doors to allow access but contain smell and flying litter
  • litter trapping pads; your cat steps on the pad and the litter stays behind
  • all-in-one boxes, which allow you to keep the box, litter, and poop scooper together

You can also find disposable boxes. That’s a fancy way of saying the box is made of cardboard. Every few days you flip the tabs, close the box and throw the entire thing in the trash. These are reasonably priced and they are biodegradable. They are also friendly for recently de-clawed cats and they are great for pet travel. The only real issue is that you’ll need to keep buying boxes.

There are a lot of cat litter box options available to you and your cat. Think ahead about what your feline needs or requires. Look around your home and determine where and how you’ll place the box. Let your cat and your house help you decide what kind of litter box is the best choice.

One last note. Don't forget about buying good cat litter. For example, you might be interested in cat litter which will help you detect feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).

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