Need an automatic cat litter box? Get the scoop...

You deserve an automatic cat litter box and so does your cat; save time, save energy, stay safe.

There are many arguments between dog and cat owners, whether which pet is more appropriate to keep inside the house. Clearly one advantage of cats over dogs is their natural instinct to relieve themselves in a comfortable environment with a soft cushioning: the litter box.

Cats, unlike dogs, do not need to be trained when it comes to taking a poop. All you have to do is to provide the cat a comfortable and reliable litter box and the cat's instinct will take over.

Litter boxes are usually made of plastic. These can be bought or simply made using do-it-yourself techniques. The boxes contain cat litter which can be bought from the supermarket or any pet stores. More advanced, high tech litter can even tell you if you cat has Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

Cat litter is a material which resembles soil which makes it effective in making the cat relieve himself in the box. Litter boxes are often lined with plastic material, so as to make it easier to dump the old litter, while some are also lined with baking soda, which eliminates the odors from the litter. For what it's worth, I like to dump Arm & Hammer® Cat Litter Deodorizer in the litter box. It works!

The natural instinct of your cat is to relieve itself in the proper place. This lessens your efforts and gives you more time doing other things. With a normal and healthy cat, you don't have to clean up every corner of the house and it won't smell like a pig pen. Cats are generally clean.

However, even though the natural "manner" of the cat is commendable, there are still problems that are related to litter boxes. Cleaning! The disposal of the cat poop is a hassle. This problem may seem funny to others but it is a real problem for many, e.g., people with asthma and pregnant women due to toxoplasmosis.

Over the years, there have been many developments in the field of cat litter boxes. As technology improved, cat litter boxes improved. Now, there are automatic cat litter boxes that are available in the market.

Let's take a look at some of the automatic cat litter boxes that are available:

1. Litter-Robot

The litter-robot uses a revolutionary spherical design which rotates as the dirt is sifted. The manufacturers say that disposing the cat's manure is now as easy as changing the garbage bag. It has a patented system which sifts the cat poop from the litter. It has the ability to remove clumps of waste from the litter, therefore making the litter as clean as possible. Unlike other automatic cat litter boxes, it doesn't utilize a rake to clean the litter so as to prevent jamming. The good thing about the litter-robot is that there is not need to purchase additional special waste bags or receptacles. The ordinary grocery bags and kitchen bags can be used to contain the dirt. It can also accommodate any kinds of litter. The dirt drawer of the litter-robot needs to be emptied out at least once every week to ensure cleanliness.

2. Littermaid Plus Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Pan

The new and improved Littermaid has a quiet motor and it uses an infrared sensor to make an assessment whether to activate the rake to take care of the waste of the cats. It makes the scan a few seconds after the cat has done his thing. It uses a heavy gauge bag (plastic) as a receptacle. It also has a removable rack which can be cleaned manually.

3. ScoopFree Automatic Cat Litter Box

This automatic litter box can be left alone for thirty days without any worry. It uses an automatic rake which cleans the litter. The waste is then sent to a sealed litter cartridge which locks the odors in. The cartridge is to be removed and be thrown after 30 days. It uses a litter cartridges which are filled with crystal litter.

These are some of the different models that are out there in the market. Again, if you need to purchase an automatic cat litter box, you should always consider the price vis-à-vis your comfort and the comfort of your feline. Think of an automatic cat litter box as an investment.

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