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A cat stroller looks very much like a baby stroller. They are nearly the same size and shape, and they come in many styles and colors. This means you can enjoy the experience of pushing a stroller with your “baby” inside. If this sounds like what you're looking for, keep reading...

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Features of a Good Cat Stroller

1. It will have a rugged front wheel suspension that can ensure a smooth ride for your cat. It might have one or two wheels in the front, but what matters is the stability and suspension.

2. It will be made of durable and water-repellent material. You never know when you’ll be walking near water or puddles where splashing might occur. Similarly, you might get caught in the rain.

3. It will have excellent ventilation so your cat stays cool. Good ventilation will also prevent bugs from getting to your cat.

4. It will have pockets and other ways to store important items, such as pet poop bags, pet medications, supplements, pet food, travel water bowls, and so forth.

Working with a Cat Stroller

Cat owners can easily walk down the street these days with their cats. Strollers are lightweight and they are easy to push, even for people without much strength or endurance.

Cat strollers are also fashionable and fun. They aren’t ugly or silly. In fact, they will usually draw attention and very positive comments. Some people even match their strollers to their cat's clothing!

Some strollers offer instant-push button folding so that it’s easy to handle them and store when done. In terms of ergonomics, some cat strollers have front and back-zipped entrances for easy entry and exit. Furthermore, some have cup holders and lower storage bins so that items can be easily stored. Convenience is definitely a pet trend.

Getting Your Feline into a Cat Stroller

Cat owners know it is important pets to get fresh air. However, getting your cat to sit still in its strollers for the first time might be a difficult task. In fact, your cat will probably do practically anything to stay out of it. Your cat will want to jump out.

You must get your cat acclimated to the stroller. This might require some training and behavior modification, but it’ll be worth it. You want to enjoy the cat stroller as much as the cat. That will only happen once your cat is happy and adjusted.

One simple method is to place treats in the stroller. If your cat is scared to get close to the stroller, the treats will lure her over. Once she’s eating the treats in the stroller, stroke her and assure her that she is doing a good job. You can also leave her on her own as she enjoys the treats. If you’re lucky, he might find the stroller comfortable and stay there. Don’t keep doing this. Just use this trick a few times then back off. The stroller shouldn’t always be a food zone.

You can also get your cat acclimated to the cat stroller by putting a soft blanket or a towel or any stuffed toy for your cat to play in the carrier. It should be something she is really familiar with. This will provide a sense of ownership too. Add some toys for extra fun.

Tips for Using a Cat Stroller

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re taking your cat out.

1. Bring food and water from home. Do not feed anything new to your cat because she might not be used to it. Avoid digestive problems!

2. Just in case your cat jumps out of the stroller, make sure that she is wearing a name-tag with her name and address. These details must be obvious and readable.

3. Have a first aid kit for your cat.

4. Be cautious about stray dogs and unfamiliar cats that may come across your path because they might scare your cat.

5. Never leave your cat unattended, even for a little while.

6. Pay attention to your cat. Stop once in a while and check to make sure she’s comfortable. Make sure that the temperature isn’t too high or low.

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