Pet poop bag information and tips on buying a pet poop bag

This article will help you find the perfect pet poop bag. Several tips are provided that will help you find the right dog poop bag for use inside or outside. Pet poop bag accessories are also briefly discussed.

There’s nothing as frustrating or as filthy as cleaning up your pet’s poop. But because we love our pets, and there’s really no other person to do it, we end up cleaning after them whether we like it or not. Even when you walk your pet outside, you still have cleaning duties to attend to, especially in public. Leaving your pet’s poop on the street is not only impolite but harmful to public health as well.

Pet Poop Bag: The Answer to Your Prayers

Using a pet poo bag is the easiest and most stylish solution to your all of your pet waste dilemmas.

Pet Waste Disposal at Home

Somehow, even if it’s just the trash bin, the idea of throwing pet waste and other garbage together is a bit sickening. With a dog poop bag, however, you do not need to mix them together. Just place the poop inside the dog poop bag then put it inside a separate garbage bag. The advice here is simple: Use a separate garbage can for animal poop disposal. Leave the rest to the trash collectors.

Secondly, you can opt to purchase a flushable pet poop bag. Once you’ve scooped the poopie inside, dunk it in the toilet and flush. Mission accomplished!

Pet Waste Disposal in Public

A number of parks today have strict rules when it comes to cleaning up after your pet. Since carrying around your pet’s poop in an ordinary bag or all wrapped up in newspaper is distasteful and inconvenient, you’ll no doubt feel better when you have a pet poop bag at hand. Scoop the poop into the poop bag then seal it.

If you're on a budget, you could use a sealable plastic sandwich bag. This is cheap, but it they tend to leak or break. If you follow this advice, be mindful.

Many people don't know this, but many pet poop bags are stylishly designed. This is to help you forget what’s inside and to disguise the truth. Many dog poopie bags are scented to disguise the smell from within. Mileage may vary!

Tips on Buying a Pet Poop Bag

How Many in One Pack

It’s very rare to find individual dop poop bags. Mostly, you’ll find them sold in a pack. Check how many and how much for each pack then start comparing rates. Look for the cost per bag not simply the price tag!


Pet poop bags, just like pet clothing, come in various sizes. A Doberman will naturally need a larger-sized pet poop bag than what a Chihuahua would be using. Dog poop, like a dog, comes in all shapes and sizes. It might sound gross and silly, but pay attention to the size of your pet's turd so that you can get exactly the right size bags.


Darker colored pet poopie bags are best because they prevent you from seeing the contents inside the bag. Dark bags are also good at camouflaging dirt and grime.


Why shouldn’t you match your fashion sense with pet poop bags? Since they come in various styles and designs, you should choose the turd bag that is most appealing to your tastes. It will definitely help make poop scooping easier!


Paper or plastic? Is the pet poop bag made of paper or plastic? It’s always best to choose a sturdy material so it can be relied on bearing any weight of pet poop. Thick paper bags are nice because they definitely are biodegradable, but they will soak through if you're not careful. Plastic is good because it contains waste well.


As we’ve mentioned earlier on, some pet poop bags are specially designed to be flushable. Although more expensive, they are very convenient. Our advice is only use flushable poop bags with small dogs or small animals. Big poop bags mean big problems.

Leak Proof

Pet poop bags are designed to be leak-proof. Many are given extra protection and reinforcement to ensure that not even one tiny bit of poop sneaks out. If you don't feel confident in the bag, don't buy it.


This is a necessity if you can't stand the smell of dog poop. In our experience, a light scent is best. Remember that most bags are plastic and sealed, so you simply don't need to over do it.


It’s is usually better to purchase poop bags that come with handles. Handles make it easy to transport the waste. The problem with handles is that they get in the way, they get caught on things, and they take up extra space.

Other Accessories to Purchase for Pet Poop Removal

Dispenser and Dispensing

A pet poop bag dispenser can be attached to your dog’s collar or leash. One click and you have a pet poop bag available for cleaning. The Original Poopadooper, for instance, can be mounted on different types of surfaces and structures and it si designed to be weatherproof and rustproof.

The Poopsadaisy is a bag in which you can store various items you need to bring with you whenever you’re out with your pet. You can also use it to store dog poop bags. What’s more, the Poopsadaisy can be attached to your dog’s collar so you can simply let your pet carry his own load while you’re enjoying your nature walk. You have to love it.

Wrap Up

If you think buying poop bags is not worth the cost, just think about how you could help keep the environment safe and clean simply by cleaning up after your pet. For what it is worth, studies have shown that leaving pet poop in public places contributes to spreading aerial diseases and bacteria. Help your pet, yourself, and everyone else with a pet poop bag.