If Your Pet Having Problems Urinating, Your Cat May Have Kidney Stones!

This article explains the causes of and how to prevent cat kidney stones, which can be deadly in your pet if not treated properly.

Have you ever noticed if your cat is uncomfortable relieving itself when urinating? Do you notice a sudden change in your pet's behavior?

If your answer is affirmative to the two questions, chances are that your cat is suffering from cat kidney stones.

Causes of kidney stones in cats

Not surprisingly, the reasons why several people develop kidney stones are exactly the same reasons why cats fall ill. The primary reason is food.

Cats love to eat. The bad thing is that they are not conscious of the nutritional value of the food they take in. Often, owners don't properly maintain feline diets. This can lead to cat kidney stones. Unfortunately, food and eating habits are the principal reasons why cats develop kidney stones.

Cat Kidney Stones

What are cat kidney stones?

Kidney stones are not actually stones but are crystal deposits that accumulate in the kidney for some time.

Cat kidneys, like human kidneys, process urine. When mineral salts like carbonates, ammonia, phosphorus and calcium start to become less soluble and form a small mass in the kidney, that is the onset of crystallization.

The crystals tends to block the passage of the urine from the kidney. Thus, the cat will have a difficult time relieving itself through urinating due to blockage.

At times, blood can also come out with the urine, an indication that the crystal is struggling to force itself out. This creates small wounds in the kidney and in the urinary tubes in the process. Those small wounds can be infected in due time if not treated immediately.

Again, experts and researchers point out diet and food intake habits for one cause of cat kidney stones. Three other reasons exist, including genetic defects, medications, and other illnesses.

A cat's drinking habits can also be a factor. If your pet does not drink enough water or liquids, the formation of the mineral salt crystals inside the kidney can be accelerated.

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Treatment of kidney stones in cats

When cat kidney stones become malignant and truly non-soluble, veterinarians must perform surgical operations, which, in most cases, is a last resort.

Most of the time, the vets and the owners can simply change the cat's nutritional and dietary regimen so that it is aimed to dissolve the mineral salt crystals immediately and effectively.

There are also certain medications that vets prescribe for the cats. These medications are subtly formulated so the cat would not taste them because cats have taste buds that are so sensitive that they are often choosy when it comes to the food they eat.

These special medications are soluble and can be mixed with the food and the drinks served to the cat without the pet knowing that it is already under medications.

Prevention of kidney stones in cats

Prevention is far better than cure. That is why vets and the cat owners always see that they do the necessary measure to prevent the onset of cat kidney stones.

Of course, your cat should be disciplined when it comes to food. You are advised to stick to normal cat food available in the market. Also monitor your cat's drinking habits. Make sure that your pet drinks ample water within each day.

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