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The Pet Comfort Newsletter, Issue #024 -- Outdoor Heated Dog Bed
December 24, 2006

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"No matter how little money
and how few possessions you own,
having a dog makes you rich."
~ Louis Sabin

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What's Been Going on at Pet Comfort Products?

First, and most important, I am now a father! My little daughter was born on 21-Dec-2006 and I am VERY happy. She is a wonderful blessing!

Second, because of the birth of my daughter and the holidays, I've only written one article. And yes, I'm sending it out on Christmas Eve. My wife let me send this newsletter that I could not miss my schedule. Send. Newsletter. Every. Single. Sunday. 24 times in a row so far!

And finally, the article this week is all about outdoor heated dog beds. It is a good introduction and will help you make a good choice. Please learn more now...

How to Choose an Outdoor Heated Dog Bed -- "This article explains how to choose the perfect outdoor heated dog bed. A good heated pet bed will make it much easier for your dog to be happy and comfortable, especially if you live in a cold climate or you’re dog is often outside in cool weather."

Pet Comfort Products Recommends...

245 Dog Treat Recipes
John Miller, professional dog-fancier, reveals his Secret Recipes (strictly here only and nowhere else) and why he refused to sell them to Multinational Companies.

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What's Really Popular at Pet Comfort Products?

10 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog or Cat With Pet Clothing -- "The future of pet clothing is here today. There are literally thousands of styles, sizes, colors, and materials available. Read this article if you want to get some insight and inspiration."

Eight Tips on Choosing a Pet Car Seat Cover -- "In this article youll learn why it makes sense to obtain a pet car seat cover. Youll also be given eight tips on choosing a cover that makes sense for you and your pet."

Pet Food Dish Overview -- "A pet food dish is an investment in the comfort of your pet. Did you know that plastic dishes and bowls can actually help cause your pet to be unhappy? Find out why."

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