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The Pet Comfort Newsletter, Issue #041 -- Pet Food Recall Stories
April 29, 2007

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"When a man's best friend is his dog,
that dog has a problem."
~ Edward Abbet

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What's Been Going on at Pet Comfort Products?

We gathered up 5 stories about the pet food recall. Some people faced issues with their dogs, some with their cats. One pet owner even lost their friend due to tainted food. The pet food recall has had a very real impact on many Pet Comfort Products readers.

We also wrote two articles about pet beds in Spanish. They are pretty good and we hope you enjoy them!

My Cats Were Sick, Was It Tainted Food? -- "Jake says "My cats were sick!" and he wonders if it was tied to the pet food recall and tainted cat food."

Debbie's Dog: A Story of Serious Symptoms Turned Fatal -- "Debbie talks to us how her dog's serious symptoms turned fatal after he ate tainted dog food."

Sondra's Story: Buy Cat Food That is Organic -- "Sondra tells us her story in light of the pet food recall. She will only buy cat food that is organic now."

Not Affected in the Recall of Pet Foods -- "Sally was not affected in the recall of pet foods, but is still quite worried."

Pet Food Is Not Tested -- "This is Jack's pet food recall story. He doesn't understand why pet food is not tested."

Camas para Mascotas (Beds for Pets) -- "Si hace un buen tiempo que no has comprado una cama para mascota, por favor ten en cuenta que tu mascota podría estar sufriendo. Tú también podrías estar sufriendo."

Camas Para Tu Animal (Pet Beds) -- "Si ha sido mucho tiempo desde la última vez que has comprado una cama para tu animal, piensa que es posible que tu animal esté sufriendo y que, tal vez, tú estés sufriendo también."

The Mail Bag

Question: "My dog has diabetes. What should I do?"

Answer: Honestly, the best thing you can do is educate yourself!

Pet Diabetes -- "Educational information for all aspects of diabetes care: Basic and advanced diabetes concepts, medications, complications, home care and monitoring, vet relationships, and other diseases your diabetic pet might have."

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What's Really Popular at Pet Comfort Products?

Pet Food Dish Overview -- "A pet food dish is an investment in the comfort of your pet. Did you know that plastic dishes and bowls can actually help cause your pet to be unhappy? Find out why."

Why Dogs Eat Poop -- "In this article you’ll find out why dogs eat poop. This behavior, known medically as coprophagia, can be frustrating. If you understand it, you’ll have a better chance of fixing the problem. Twenty reasons why dogs eat poop are provided to you."

Odor Destroyer -- "This is an interview with Philip Doolittle of If you’re looking for information on cat urine cleaner, cat urine remover, or pet urine issues in general, this is exactly the interview to read."

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