Learn Why It Is Important To Pay Attention To Your Dog's Serious Symptoms

Debbie talks to us how her dog's serious sypmtoms turned fatal after he ate tainted dog food.

"The pet food recall has left many pet owners scared and skeptical to step back into stores, especially after the problem wasn’t dealt with properly. I have had to deal with the problem directly, my Maltipoo (Maltese Poodle mix) eats Menu Foods dog food, and recently I have noticed problems with his attitude and energy.

"It’s like he was stuck in a constant malaise, not willing to go outside, would rarely drink, and it seemed as though cleaning up vomit became a daily routine. For the first while I just assumed he had a cold, and didn’t think much of the problem. I made sure to try to get him to drink as much water as I could, and watched him for more serious symptoms.

"This went on for nearly a week, and each day it seemed as if my dog was getting less and less active. He would only stand up to walk from couch to couch, and eventually I had to feed him by hand just to ensure he ate anything at all. I called the vet on the sixth day of this, after it seemed as if his symptoms weren’t clearing up.

"They suggested that it may have been related to the pet food recall, but just got blood work and sent me on my way. That night he would only look up at me and refused to move. I kept on trying to get him to at least take a few steps around, but he just looked up at me with hopeless eyes. I took him to an emergency pet care clinic, and even with their help he passed away.

"After rechecking the blood work with the new developments in the pet food recall, it’s been found that he died of liver failure, directly related to the incident. To all other pet owners who have had to suffer, I apologize."

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