Want A Free Dog Treat Recipe? How About Two.....

In this article, you will learn how to make free dog treat recipes for your furry friend.

Scooby Doo would surely be delighted to know that more and more people spend time in the kitchen preparing dog food and treats. There is no contesting the assertion that dogs are now treated like a member of the family.

As Scooby Doo dearly loved his Scooby snacks, made up of special types of biscuits and dog food, other dogs would surely love similar food and treats. Dog owners also love to pamper their pets and treat them to these special snacks.

But there is one major setback for all these endeavors. Pricing. Yes, it is somehow funny that the finest dog treats marketed in town are significantly more expensive than human food.

If you have a dog, take note that buying dog treats for your pet can cost you alot of money. Comparatively, buying a hamburger meal with French fries and softdrinks from a neighborhood fast food chain would be cheaper.

So, with these financially pressing times, how could the average-earning dog owner give his pet the luxury of luscious treats and food? The solution is to cook for your dog.

Free dog treat recipes

Searching through the Internet would be helpful if you are seeking free dog treat recipes. Take note that it is now normal to set up a special pantry in your home for preparing dog food as well as having an area where your pet can have a sumptuous meal without interruptions.

You could easily prepare some dog treats right in the convenience of your own kitchen. The ingredients are also not hard to find, as most of them can readily be found in your kitchen.

There are some recipes that require baking. If this is the case, you are not advised to buy another oven. Just simply use the existing oven you use for everyday cooking.

Be reminded that special dog food is almost like the food you eat. It is edible, tastes good and has enticing flavors. Sometimes, as depicted in some comedy flicks, people mistakenly eat dog snacks. Thus, it is known to viewers that dog food sometimes tastes just as good as human food.

Here are some of the most popular and easy to prepare dog treat recipes made by dog owners for their pets.

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Breath Bustin' Biscuits

There are biscuits for dogs in the market, but it is better if you make the biscuits yourself. In making Breath Bustin' Biscuits, you will need the following:

* One and a half cups each of corn or maple syrup, whole wheat flour and baking mix.* 4 tablespoons of margarine* Half a cup of milk * 1/4 cup of mint leaves* 1 egg

Simply combine all the prepared ingredients in a mixing bowl. Then shape cookies out of the clay-like stuff. Place the cookie-like items in an oven and bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.Set the cookies aside and let them cool for some time before putting them in storage containers. Serve whenever the dog needs a snack. You have just made your own special Scooby snacks.

Soft Banana Strips

This dog treat is so easy to make that you do not even need and oven! A microwave will do just fine. The treat is also very appetizing that you surely would not be able to resist trying them out yourself.

* 1 egg* 1 cup oatmeal* 1/2 cup each of all purpose flour & banana* 1/3 cup of milk* 3 spoonfuls of rice.

To do the Soft Banana Strips, you have to first mash the bananas. Then, beat the egg and spread evenly on a plate. Mix all the ingredients together and microwave for 3 to 4 minutes. Finally, let the product cool down before cutting them into strips. Serve.

Overall, dogs are truly man's best friends. As such, these creatures indeed need sincere pampering and luscious food. By taking time to prepare your dog special treats, your dog will surely love it!