Pet Food Is Not Tested!

This is Jack's pet food recall story. He doesn't understand why pet food is not tested. Here's what this means to him in light of the dog food recall.

"The recent pet food recall has changed my mind on store bought pet foods. I now see how venerable my dog Keyco is to this ill regulated industry. I am unaware of how these toxins could have entered the pet food and why it was so widespread before it was made aware to the public.

"I have stopped giving Keyco store bought pet food and have moved him to natural homemade foods. This, as of right now is the only way I can feel confident that my dog will be safe from toxins in his food.

"I witnessed many reports of animals that were made sick or even died from this unsettling event. My concerns stem from the fact that these cans of food made it to the consumer level.

Pet Food Is Not Tested!

"I am curious to the fact of why each batch of pet food is not tested. Is that not the reason food is manufactured in batches. In my opinion the process should involve testing of a sample of food from each batch, then that batch is stamped as suitable for consumption.

"I am still horrified by the lack of standards that is kept within this industry. They are not just creating some item that if created sub-standard would have little impact, for example if a piece of clothing was made with substandard ingredients the worst thing that would happen would be perhaps a tear. In this instance when you do not control the pet food industry, the life of a loved one is lost.

"These animals spend upwards of ten years of there life with us. They are there to greet us, to protect us, to love us. To have these friends, these loved ones torn from us because of a lack of testing, a lack of concern.

"My heart truly goes out to those who have lost a pet due to this pet food recall. My only ray of hope in this sad event is that a change may occur. Stricter standards and more choices, for safer naturally made pet foods. I will be holding off on purchasing anymore can pet food until I see this change."

So, why isn't dog food tested better?

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