"My Cats Were Sick!" But Luckily, Jack's Cats Survived...

Jake says "My cats were sick!" and he wonders if it was tied to the pet food recall and tainted cat food.

"So here is the story. I have three cats. They are healthy cats who only go to the vet for checkups.

"One cat had a bout with diabetes a few years back but cats can go into remission from that and he did. Then on January 1st of 2007 one of cats get sick. He is vomiting continuously and will not eat or drink. He is listless. I try to force feed him some water and he vomits it up five minutes later. I rush him to the emergency vet. The vet cannot find anything wrong with him. His lab results come back from what would be expected of a cat who has been vomiting for two days and not eating for as long. They take lots of x-rays and put him on IV fluids. The emergency vet lets me bring him back home after being there for two days. He has started to eat, is not vomiting, and is not dehydrated any longer.

"During the time this cat is at the vet, I notice that another one my cats is vomiting more than usual (cats often regurgitate their food and sometimes vomit). I watch him and notice he is not eating either. So, I bring the one cat home and have to take the other cat to the vet. The regular vet's office is now open. My regular vet takes in the other cat. They also do x-rays on him and put him on IV fluids. They do find what is wrong with this cat. This cat's intestines are full of feces. You can see it on the x-rays. His intestines are full from his stomach to his anus. So they give the cat some laxatives and an enema and watch him for half a day.

"I have now spent $2200 on cat bills. Then the pet food recall starts to happen in March. The thing is, my cats are not food soft food so I think I am not affected. Then Science Diet (which is the food I buy) issues a pet food recall as well. Again it is not for the food I buy.

"But I have to wonder if in fact my cat food was tainted and affected by the pet food recall. I mean, it has not ever happen that two of my cats were sick at the same time. The same thing must have affected them.

"My third cat likes to eat plastic in his spare time so I doubt anything in the food would have affected him (yes, really, I find my cat chewing on plastic bags). At this point I am pretty sure that my cats got sick due to something in the cat food.

"I am glad that I pay careful attention to my cats and was able to get them the help they needed immediately when I noticed something was wrong. I feel sorry for those that lost pets. I hope that they get this pet food recall figured out."

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