Not Affected in the Recall of Pet Foods, But Sally's Still Worried...

Here's Sally's story about the pet food recall. Although she was not affected in the recall, she's still quite worried.

"During this recent dog food recall, I was not generally worried for my one dog and three cats, as they all eat dry foods. I have kept them on the same foods, which luckily, were not affected by the recall.

"I watched a recent Oprah show, where she had her dog trainer on with her, and showed what she fed her 3 Golden Retreivers, which consisted of meats and vegetables and fruits, which some average people cannot afford multiple times a day, especially for multiple pets.

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"I did not lose any of my pets to the pet food recall, but those who did, I certainly feel sorry for them and wish it could have been prevented. I only buy 2 types of food, neither are wet, and I will continue to purchase these brands and hope they are not affected in the recall.

"I fortunately do not know anyone who was affected by this horrible tragedy, and hope that no more animal lives are taken with this devastating find."

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