Why Buy Cat Food That Is Organic? Blame the Pet Food Recall!

Sondra tells us her story in light of the pet food recall. She will only buy cat food that is organic now.

"Since the pet food recall, buying pet food has been a much scarier prospect. Is the can of food in my hand full of rat poison that will kill my cat after he eats it? Is there poison in the cans of food I have in my cart? Or have I already given some minute amount of poison to Leo, the effects of which will only show up years from now?

"Previously, buying cat food was a pedestrian affair; as long as my cat would eat it, it was fine. Now, I try to buy cat food from companies that are marketing the food as organic.

"To me, it makes sense that if the companies already are not adding chemicals to the food, they won’t accidentally add bad chemicals along with all the other types. Although buying the organic food is slightly more expensive than buying the conventional food, if it means that I can be assured of the cat’s health, it is a small price for me to pay.

"Seeing the problems that came to light during the pet food recall has also made me slightly more worried about my own food supply. If it can happen to the pet food manufacturers, why couldn’t it also affect human food supplies?

"We already know that some of the lesser harmful pathogens get into our food supply; witness the cases of salmonella in peanut butter and E. coli in the spinach. What if something much more toxic ended up in our food? While there are more regulations regarding human food, obviously some can slip through the cracks.

"What worries me most is some organism, like botulism, ending up in our canned food supplies and potentially killing scores of humans."

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