8 Things to Know About Your Dog Eating Grass

8 Things to Know About Your Dog Eating Grass

Why do dogs eat grass is a question that almost every dog owner has thought about at least once. The following are eight things that every dog owner should know about their canine eating grass.

1. Most experts believe it's something to be really concerned about.

2. Your dog may eat grass because it is craving plant nutrients that it isn't getting from its diet. Dogs are omnivores and eating plants or vegetables as an alternative food source is normal and healthy.

3. Dogs also eat grass for a natural remedy to things such as an upset stomach.

4. Dogs vomit after eating grass if they don't chew it well. The blades of grass tickle their throat and insides, that sensation causes them to vomit.

5. If your dog suddenly starts eating an increasing amount of grass you may want to get it checked by a veterinarian for any health problems. Dogs eat grass when they feel ill so if your dog is feeling ill day after day and eating grass to try to feel better, there may be a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

6.If your dog likes eating grass you can allow it to, or you can introduce cooked vegetables or natural herbs into its diet. Dogs typically don't like raw vegetables, so be sure to cook them or your pooch might not eat them.

7. You can also buy a tray of grass just for your dog to munch on or start a doggie herbal garden in your backyard with herbs that your dog can eat. Herbs are very healthy for both you and your dog. Plus, many can be used to common ailments.

8. If your pooch eats grass then you need to be careful with anything that you use on your lawn. You need to make sure that your dog doesn't accidentally ingest things like chemicals, pesticides or herbicides that could be on your grass.

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