A Breakaway Dog Collar

A breakaway dog collar provides the best protection for those over excited dogs. This technology allows the dog to break free if under extreme stress. Get the proper size for your dog to give your dog the safety they desrve.

Breakaway Dog Collar: Guaranteed Security for your Dog if he or she becomes Entangled or Bound Up.

The reliable breakaway dog collar is the choice of many pet owners who wish to use a reliable secure collar to reduce the threat of strangulation to their dog.

The following article profiles the unique and practical breakaway.

A breakaway dog collar is the collar of choice should your dog become entrapped by a more aggressive dog or becomes hung up on his leash.

The practical breakaway allows your dog to break free of the hold when he becomes wrapped up in his chain or is faced with the threat of being choked.

There is an element to the breakaway that if the canine is held up, the tautness of the lead will cause the collar to easily disengage and allow your canine to break free.

Parental owners who fear for the safety of their dog while they are away and must keep him chained will appreciate the security of the breakaway collar.

Further, the collar is durable and will prove comfortable around your dog’s neck. The price point for these unique collars is right around the twelve dollar mark and you can easily purchase the collar on-line.

Many pet owners wonder, if the collar can set the dog free in the above-described situations: what happens when he or she is walking the dog—will he be able to break free when the lead is pulled? The answer to the question is no.

There is hardware that comes with the breakaway that makes it possible to disengage the breakaway component of the collar. This means you can walk your dog fully confident in knowing he will not escape.

The breakaway offers a weather-resistant reinforced double nylon construction and comes in a multitude of styles and colors.

Further, you can place the breakaway on your dog after he or she does breakaway from an unfavorable situation as once the collar allows your dog successful escape it can be worn again and again.

In summary, when looking for the safest in neck wear for your dog, you can rely on the breakaway.

Do not let a threatening situation jeopardize your puppy—choose the breakaway in order that your canine can escape successfully. It is dependable, durable and not pricey.


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