A Common Goldfish Parasite

Have you thought of a common goldfish parasite that might endanger your pet's health?

All fish owners need to pay attention to their fish so they can notice any changes in behavior or physical changes. If illness or diseases go unnoticed and untreated, fish can die. Knowing common goldfish diseases and their symptoms can save your pets' lives.

One common type of parasite to check your fish for includes anchor worms. For the most part, fish owners can usually see anchor worms. In early stages they are too small to be seen, but they get larger. Anchor worms will look like a small worm embedded in a fish. They have forked tails and are string-like. They can be different colors such as a greenish-white, brownish-red, or even clear.

Anchor worms embed themselves in fish flesh, usually creating a sore and they feed on the fish's bodily fluids and tissue. Anchor worms can cause fish severe pain and give them ulcers.

This type of parasite can easily spread throughout an aquarium or pond. Anchor worms are actually most common in pond goldfish, but can end up in aquarium goldfish as well. One way to prevent your fish from ever getting anchor worms is to not take plants from ponds or rivers for your aquarium. The plants can easily introduce this horrible parasite into your previously healthy aquarium.

If you notice any of your fish with the signs of anchor worm, immediately go to your local pet store and find the proper treatments. There are special medications or water treatments made just for anchor worms. Most of these treatments are simple to use. In the first week you should notice anchor worms starting to fall off your fish. If this doesn't happen you may have to put another dosage or treatment into the water. Just make sure you follow all directions. If you have any questions talk to a pet professional.

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