A Danger To Pregnant Hamsters

Let's talk about a danger to pregnant hamsters. If your hamster is pregnant and you are excited for the tiny bundles of joy there is something that you should be aware of. Pregnant hamsters commonly suffer from vitamin E deficiencies. This article will discuss the danger of this condition and what you can do.

What is a vitamin E deficiency? Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that helps to protect the body's cells and membranes. If a hamster has an inadequate diet it can have a vitamin E deficiency which affects the immune system and leaves the hamster more likely to end up with conditions such as anemia or mastitis. Anemia is when the body has a lack of red blood cells and mastitis is an infection in the breast area.

Why is this deficiency so dangerous for pregnant hamsters? If your mother-to-be hamster has this condition it could lead to the babies being stillborn. Also, if the babies are alive when they are born, they may have blood in their skull or spine. If a mother hamster knows her young are unhealthy she may eat them.

What causes vitamin E deficiency in hamsters? The main cause is an unbalanced diet. Not enough vitamin E or too much fat in the diet can lead to this condition. Pregnant and young hamsters suffer from vitamin E deficiency most frequently because young hamsters need extra vitamin E for their rapid growth and their diets often don't provide the excess vitamin E.

If your hamster appears to have stiffness or paralysis it could be vitamin E deficiency and they should be checked by your veterinarian. If the problem is a vitamin E deficiency then you will need to make a diet change. Your veterinarian can recommend the most nutritional and well balanced diet to eliminate deficiencies. You may also have to give your hamster supplements to ensure they are getting the proper vitamins.

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