Abandoned Kitten Care

Let's discuss about abandoned kitten care. Sometimes cats abandon their young or something unfortunate happens to the mother and the kittens are left alone. If you are left to care for your cat's kittens or you find abandoned kittens you can care for them until they are bigger. How? Continue reading this article to find out.

Giving the kittens a home is the easy part. You can basically just give them a warm dry box to live in. Pretty much anything will do. Just keep it away from a heater or air conditioner. You don't want the kittens to become too hot or too cold. Changing the sheets or bedding fairly often because the kittens will get waste on it.

If the kittens are less than two weeks old, their eyes will probably still be closed. They will need to be fed a milk replacer. If the kitten won't drink from a small bottle then you can try an eyedropper or syringe. Drip some in their mouth and keep putting more in their mouth at the kitten's pace. At first they will only drink a few cc's of milk and you will have to feed them every few hours. They will eventually begin to drink more milk at each meal so you won't have to feed them as frequently.

At about three weeks of age, you can begin giving them some watered down food that they can try nibbling on. Start with canned food, a little at a time. Make sure it is always fresh and don't give them too much. Once they start eating that you can try giving them some dry food as well. If you are sure how old the kittens are you can take them to a veterinarian. A vet can also determine if their health, growth, and everything is good.

Enjoy playing with the adorable little kittens and watching them grow healthy thanks to all of your help. 

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