Abnormal Beak and Skull Growth in Reptiles

Let's talk about abnormal beak and skull growth in reptiles.

Having difficulty eating and walking, isn't something a pet should have to experience. Pet owners need to properly care for their pet and ensure they stay healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes pet owners are misinformed in the begging and the pets suffer. One cause of this is reptiles that are improperly fed and growth abnormally.

If a reptile, such as a turtle, if fed the improper diet at a young age, their beak and skull grow abnormally. Their beak becomes overgrown and doesn't align properly for them to be able to eat normally. The abnormal growth causes eating to be difficult, further worsening the condition.A reptile that had a poor diet and developed metabolic bone disease will even have their skull grow abnormally. Once a skull is formed, nothing can be done. However, improving a reptile's diet it always good.

Reptiles with overgrown beaks struggle to grab and chew food. If they can't eat they are missing out on vital nutrition and their condition worsens. Turtles should not have diets that are low in calcium and high in protein. This is what often causes skull malformations.

To avoid abnormal beak and skull growth from happening feed young reptiles a healthy diet. Do research and make sure they are getting everything they need from their food. Also, make sure they eat some harder food, which help wear down beaks. Reptiles that eat only soft food often have overgrown beaks because beak grow almost like fingernails and need to be worn down.

If your reptile continuously have problems with its beak becoming overgrown you can get it trimmed as needed. Beaks grow continuously, so it may have to be done regularly. Consult with a vet about this procedure. You may also want to discuss the best diet for your reptile with a vet.

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