Abnormal Growth of Reptile Beaks and Skulls

Let's talk about abnormal growth of reptile beaks and skulls.

Some reptiles such as turtles, have beaks not teeth. If a turtle is not fed properly when they are growing, their beak may grow abnormally. Their skull can as well. This article will discuss abnormal beak and skull growth so reptile owners know how to prevent and treat these issues.

Abnormal beak growth is characterized by an top and bottom beaks not meeting, overgrown upper beak, and often difficulty eating. If a reptile's top and bottom beaks don't meet evenly it is hard for them to grab and chew up food. Abnormal beak growth is a serious problem. If reptiles have a hard time eating, they won't eat and won't get enough nutrition. Not eating will lead to many other health issues.

Treating abnormal beak growth is fairly easy too. Luckily, reptile beaks can be trimmed. If you think your reptile has this problem, call your vet and schedule an appointment. This problem won't go away by itself, it's something that has to be fixed.

Abnormal beak growth is usually caused by a poor diet that causes Metabolic Bone Disease. If a reptile develops Metabolic Bone Disease when they are young, as they grow their skull may grow abnormally, like their beak. Reptiles with this disease sometimes end up having difficulty moving and walking. Fixing a reptile's overgrown beak and improving their diet can greatly help them.

When someone gets a reptile for a pet, it is important to do research and make sure the pet is being fed properly. Animals can't tell people that they aren't feeling well and owners should be helping their reptiles, not causing them health problems.

Many pet owners are just not told the right information from the start, that it way they should do research or contact a vet. People that work at pet stores aren't always experts that have all the right information.

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