Acne in Dogs as a Skin Disorder

Let's talk about acne in dogs as a skin disorder. As a human you know how annoying acne can be, but did you know that your furry family member can have acne too? It's true, your dog may have acne. This article will discuss acne in dogs and how you can treat it.

Dog breeds such as bulldogs, boxers, and rottweilers are the most likely to have dog acne because of their short coats. Dog acne is usually a temporary condition that occurs in puppies, typically between five and eight months.

So, what causes dog acne? There are really only a few causes, which are hormones, genetics, and sometimes trauma. Dog acne isn't a life threatening condition, it usually doesn't last long. Although, there are treatments so your dog doesn't have to suffer during this time. Also, dog acne can sometimes cause lesions and lesions need proper treatment.

Symptoms of dog acne include itching, swelling, lesions, red bumps and your puppy may be rubbing up against furniture or rubbing it's face on the carpet.

If you notice these symptoms, take your dog to a veterinarian. First, you want to make sure it's dog acne and not something more serious. There are actually quite a few diseases that have symptoms that may look like dog acne. Second, you want your dog to receive the proper treatment. 

Do not treat dog acne, with human acne products. If your veterinarian determines that your dog does have acne they will most likely prescribe a topical dog treatment. This ointment is similar to human treatments, but not as strong. Other treatment options for dog acne include topical antibiotics, antibiotics in the form of pills, topical steroids, and shampoo that contain benzyl peroxide. Be sure to only follow the recommendations given by your veterinarian.

If you apply your dog's acne ointments and shampoo them, they will be acne free fairly quickly.

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