Have you ever heard about alopecia in hamsters? People, dogs, cats, rabbits, and even hamsters can suffer from hair loss or alopecia. It is a condition that has various causes and can result in complete or partial hair loss. Is your hamster's fur looking a little patchy? Continue reading to find out if you should be worried or not.

You never want your pets to get sick, even if it's just a little hamster. Hamster's make great pets and many people get attached to their furry little friends, especially children. SO, should you worry if your hamster appears to be suffering from some hair loss? Are they aging and losing some hair?

There are various things that can be attributed to hair loss in hamsters. Alopecia can be related to health issues such as vitamin deficiencies, infections, hormonal imbalances, kidney problems, and lymphoma. It can also be caused by the hamster itself or another hamster. For example a hamster may over groom itself, it's fur may get stuck on part of a cage and get pulled out, fur can get pulled out during a fight between two hamsters, and sometimes hamsters chew on each other's hair creating thin patches of hair.

If you don't have more than one hamster, you can rule out fighting, etc. If you witness your hamster over grooming or chewing it's on hair, you may have your answer to the cause. However, most of the time you aren't constantly watching our hamster and you probably aren't a trained pet professional. Therefore, if you notice hair loss your best bet is probably to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

Taking a hamster to a veterinarian may seem silly to some people, but if you care about your pet and want to possibly save it's life, you should seek professional care. A vet can properly diagnosis the cause of the alopecia and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Alopecia and Hamsters