Anchor Worm In Fish

Do you have any idea about anchor worm in fish?

Adding plants to an aquarium helps keep a goldfish healthy, however sometimes a plant can actually introduce a parasite or disease. A common parasite that fish get is anchor worms. These worms usually show up on pond fish, but can also find their way into aquariums.

Be careful when putting plants into your aquariums or giving your fish live food. It may be best to avoid taking plants from a river or creek, buy plants at a pet store that you trust to have quality fish products.

As with any illness, it is important to diagnose early. Noticing something is wrong with your fish and treating it quickly can help save their lives. An anchor worm in its early stages is microscopic, but they can get as big as about 3/8 inch. Larger anchor worms are usually noticed by fish keepers and the parasites usually look like a small string or worm attached to a fish. They can be green, brown, or clear in color with some variations.

Anchor worms attach themselves to fish by burying into the fish's flesh which sometimes creates sores seen on the fish. Anchor worms are contagious, they reproduce and the problem spreads to all fish. Treat anchor worms immediately with medications. These medications are usually inhibitors that are added to the tank or pond water. Some treatments are effective within a few days to a week. However, depending on the treatment, size of aquarium or pond, and number of anchor worms, treatment could take a little longer.

Some anchor worms treatments are easy and safe to use while others are stronger and can kill fish if improperly used. Talk to a pet store employee or a vet if you have any questions. Be careful to read all instructions thoroughly and use directed amounts of medication.

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