Anemia In Fish

Do you have enough understanding about anemia in fish?

You have probably heard of people with anemia, but did you know that fish could be anemic too? It is possible.

Anemia is a condition that affects the heart and blood vessels of people and animals. It is caused by having a low number of red blood cells. How can you tell if your fish has anemia? They usually have a notice sign, pale gills. If you suspect that your fish has anemia you should take it to the vet or ask your vet about treatments.

Anemia in fish can be caused by extended exposure to high levels of nitrites, folic acid deficiency, bacterial or fungal infections, or parasites.

Aquarium fish commonly get parasites such as anchor worms or leeches from an infected plant, infected food or another fish or animal. Be careful putting plants in an aquarium from a pond or river. You may also want to avoid giving fish live food because it could be infected with a parasite, and also make sure you get new fish or snails from a reputable pet store. It's best to avoid all causes of infections if possible.

If your fish are infected and show signs of anemia there are treatments. The first is to treat the infection with medications and then by cleaning the aquarium. Medication can treat bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections. If you have more than one fish together but only one is infected, then it should be kept separate until the infection is completely gone.

Testing nitrite levels in an aquarium can help avoid a fish getting anemia, if this is the cause of your fish's condition, you will went to frequently test the water in the future. If your fish as a folic acid deficiency increasing the fish's intake of folic acid by adjusting its diet will fix the condition.

Talk to a vet or pet professional is you have any questions or concerns.

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