Are Some Dog Breeds Smarter Than Others?

Are some dog breeds smarter than others? People often wonder about the intelligence of animals. You may be especially considered about this if you are trying to decide on a specific breed of dog that you would like to get. All dogs are great, but maybe you want a dog that is very smart. This article will discuss some dog breeds that are considered to be the smartest.

Border Collies are regarded as the smartest dog. This energetic breed is very intelligent. They are dedicated companions that easily learn. As long as a Border Collie's owner is full of energy and dedicated to training this breed excels.

Many people think of poodles for their unique hairdos, however this is a very smart breed. Poodles are known for excelling at obedience and training which is why they make great show dogs and even circus dogs. This breed is never bored, if left alone they will amuse themselves.

The German Shepherd is also a great guard dog. This breed is courageous and learn quickly. They are known for following commands well and leaving tasks by simply repeating a couple times. German Shepherd are often trained as guard, police, and military dogs as well as search-and-rescue dogs.

The Golden Retriever is a very popular breed of dogs. They are kid-friendly dogs that are very loving and patient. This breeds loves to learn and are capable of learning over 100 different commands.

Doberman Pinscher are very smart especially when it comes to being trained. This breed is smart, fearless, and loyal. They can make great guard dogs if trained to be or they can simply make a great family dog.

All dogs are different and all breeds can make a great pet for the right owner.

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