Are Turtles Prone to Ear Infections?

Why are turtles prone to ear infections?

Believe it or not turtles can get ear infection. Aquatic species of turtles like box turtles are fairly prone to developing ear infections.

There don't seem to be any definite reason as to why aquatic turtles are more prone to ear infection than their other reptile counter parts. It seems that they develop ear infections when they are not properly cared for, for example living in dirty water. Improper temperature and humidity can also be to blame.

All reptiles should have their environments the proper temperature for good health. Turtles that don't get enough vitamin A in their diets also tend to get ear infections. Not all food contain the adequate amounts of the vitamin so turtle owners should check the labels on their turtle food.

If a turtle has an ear infection the usually develop pus in their ear. This can cause problems if the pus becomes trapped behind the ear drum. If you notice pus near your turtle's ear immediately make a veterinarian appointment. Along with pus, turtles may also have swelling near their ear drum and be experiencing loss of appetite. Opening their mouth may also be painful, but the only way your pet can show you that is by not eating.

To treat an ear infection a vet will usually anesthetize the reptile, thoroughly clean out all the pus and infection in the ear. They clean the inside of the ear with a type of antiseptic solution and then treat the cleaned ear with antibiotic ointment. Treatment is continued by the owner until the ear infection is gone. Reptiles with ear infections usually get a second antibiotic as well, in the form or oral medication or sometimes injectable medication.

Humans don't like ear infections and neither do turtles. They can be painful and there is nothing a turtle can do to prevent or treat an ear infection.

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