Learn all about automatic pet feeders...

It is time to empower the animals in your household! Consider automatic pet feeders. Allow me to explain...

Many typical American families have some sort of pet in their houses. We love pets! And of course, we love to feed our pets. But it takes time and energy. And it isn't always easy to fill that pet food dish. Again and again and again.

Pets give joy to the family and teach children the concept of responsibility. However, there are times when the responsibility takes its toll on the pet owners. There's an obligation and a duty. It is a challenge.

Pet owners are troubled every time they take a vacation, or when they are working overtime work at the office, or when meeting with someone for a couple of hours. Why? Because they need to feed their pets.

Pets are like family members, thus, most pet owners feel the conscientious responsibility of feeding them on the dot even if there are other things that they have to attend to. Imagine what would happen a house if the dog is not fed at the right time. He would probably make a big mess in the kitchen, trying to find something to eat. He might take a bite out of the sofa or munch at the decorative plants.

There are a lot of scary possibilities that may occur if the pet is not fed on time. We've heard crazy stories of hungry pets. On a more serious note, the worst thing is that the pet could get sick or die if not fed for a long time. This can happen when the family goes on, more realistically, when the family must leave due to an emergency.

The good news is that modern technology has paved the way for the automatic pet feeder. With this mechanism, pet owners can breathe calmly as they go about their tasks during feeding time.

There are different models that are out there in the market and these models come with different specifications. Here are some things that a person who is planning to buy an automatic pet feeder needs to remember:

How often do you miss out on the feeding time of your pet?

There are many different models of automatic pet bowl out there. The main thing to ask oneself when buying an automatic pet feeder is "why do I need an automatic one?" Do you come a couple of hours too late every night and find out that your pet is feeding on your carpet? Do you frequently travel to other places for long periods of time? Know your requirements!

For people who are so busy with their daily work but don't travel too much, a two-meal electronic feeder maybe the best choice. These feeders give out two meals per programming (enough for a day's work). For people who are always out of town, there are the large feeders, which contains a whole lot of pet food. Still other feeders, such as the 8-meal feeders, can be loaded up significantly.

What is the size of your pet?

There are small, medium and large automatic pet feeders in the market. If you own a small dog or a cat, there might be no need to buy a large or even a medium size auto feeder. Choose the feeder that best suits the size of your pet. No need to go crazy for the super large size unless you really require it.

Plug into the wall or use batteries? AC or DC?

The power source is another key factor to consider in choosing an automatic bowl or feeder system. There are automatic pet feeders that can be plugged into normal electricity sockets and there are feeders that use batteries. If you are buying a plug in feeder, make sure that the feeder has a power back-up feature (batteries!); this will ensure that the pet will be fed if there is an unexpected power outage.

By the way, sometimes a plain bowl or pet food dish next to the jazzy automatic dish is the answer. You don't always need to go high tech.

Do you need other features?

If your pet is too sensitive and won't eat without you by his side, you might want to try purchasing a feeder that has a voice recorder. You can record your voice and the feeder will play your voice when it is time to feed the pet. Nice!

If you plan to feed your pets with canned (wet) food, you might want to look at buying feeders that have cooling properties. That is, there are some which have ice compartments to keep the food fresh.

These are just some basic tips on how you can choose the proper feeder for your pet. Nonetheless, the whole concept of automatic pet feeders is wonderful. Get your pet a good automatic feeder today and they'll never be hungry again.

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