Benefits of Herbs For Your Dog

Let's discuss about the benefits of herbs for your dog. You probably use herbs when cooking, but have you ever used them to treat ailments. Not only are many herbs useful to you, but they can benefit your dog too. This article will explain herbs that you can grow and use as home remedies for your pooch.

Many people grow Aloe Vera, you can grow it right in a window sill that gets sun. Aloe Vera is great for putting on wounds and burns. It even helps soothe sun burn. You can just break off a piece and apply the natural gel topically. This herb is great for you and your dog.

Another help that will be useful to both you and your canine is ginger. Ginger can be made into tea and helps settle upset stomachs

Calendula Flowers are also a great option to grow in your herb garden or window sill. It is pretty with bright flowers, plus it's easy to grow. This herb is good for treating common wounds. It helps heal wounds such as cuts and scrapes. You can apply the flower petals to wounds or make the herb into an antiseptic wash.

If your dog takes medication you may want to start growing Milk Thistle. This herb can help protect your dog's liver and even improve liver function. 

A combination of the three herbs Chamomile, Valerian, and California Poppy can help to relax your hyper dog. Plus, this trio can also help with asthma, lowering blood pressure, and fighting against parasites. Only a few drops of Valerian are needed.

When giving yourself or your dog any herbs make sure you know the right amounts to use. Herbs can be healthy and beneficial, but if you use the wrong amounts or mix with the wrong thing it may not be so beneficial after all. Consult a doctor or veterinarian with any questions that you might have.

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