Benefits of Herbs For Your Kitty

Let's talk about the benefits of herbs for your kitty. Just like us, our cats sometimes get injured, have allergies, suffer from illnesses, and sometimes they just need a happy pick-me-up. Did you know that you could easily grow great treatments for all these ailments right in your home? Herbs can easily be grown in your garden or even inside your home. Herbs can improve your health as well as your cat's health.

If you have a sunny window sill and some plant pots, you should be able to grow some herbs. If you have no experience with plants do a little research online to find out how to get started with your own herb garden. Herbs are usually easy to grow and they have great benefits.

If you grow an Aloe Vera plant you have all you need to treat a cut, scrape or burn that either you or your cat gets. You don't even have to mix or do anything special. Simply take cut or break off a leaf of the plant and apply the gel that comes out.

Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping? Valerian is an herb known to relax people and help them get sleep. Valerian won't do the same for your cat, but it can still be great for cats. In cats this herb is actually a stimulant so it will give your tired, lazy, or overweight cat the boost it needs.

Want your cat to just be happy and have some extra fun. Grow Catnip. This herb gives cats a happy and silly feeling which can lead to some odd and amusing feline behavior.

If your cat has allergies, digestive issues or a respiratory problem such as a cold then you will want to have Licorice Root. This herb soothes itching related to allergies. It also soothes digestive and respiratory issues. Also, if your cat has arthritis then Licorice Root is a must. 

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