Best Dog Breed For Kids

Let's discuss about the best dog breed for kids. Your family is trying to decide on a type of dog to get. Your kids want something fun. You want a dog that your kids will be safe with. The following is a list of the best breeds for families.

If your child has allergies you will want to consider getting a Poodle. Their fur doesn't shed and doesn't bother most people with allergies. Poodles are also smart and gentle dogs. This breed does require grooming, but that's the least they deserve for being such friendly, loyal, and patient dogs.

Whether you have a big house with a yard or only a small apartment a Bulldog would be content living with you and your kids. Bulldogs aren't the most energetic dogs, but they will play. This breed is friendly and gets along with kids and other pets.

Some people think the Bull Terrier is an aggressive dog, but they typically aren't. This breed is actually very loving and friendly. They are also great for kids that like to roughhouse because they have a high tolerance for pain. If you have a large family full of rowdy kids a Bull Terrier would be a good addition.

If you've never had a dog before and are worried about it biting your small child then you may want to get a Collie. This breed is known for rarely ever biting and are easily trained. They are protective and get along with children well.

For dog lovers that don't like the dog smell the Vizsla is a great choice. Many people don't know about this breed and it's actually the perfect kid-friendly breed. You want a dog that listens, is loving, won't bark a lot, and can play with your kids? Then, the Vizsla is for you.

The Irish Setter is another energetic and playful dog breed that can help tire out your kids. This breed needs exercise so if you have a yard and kids, it could be a great match. Irish Setters also love to be around people, so they really become a part of the family.

The most popular family dogs are usually the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. Both breeds are loyal, playful, loving, smart, patient, and protective. As long as you can provide plenty of exercise, these breeds are a great choice.

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