Bicycle Dog Carrier – A Comparison Between The Most Popular Models

The bicycle dog carrier is a perfect device for you to keep an eye on your pet while going for exercise. There are many styles and models available to suit your needs.

You can comfortably take your dog along when riding your bike without having to attach their leash to frame.

Most people think this is fun and allows the pet to have a nice and active walk along with their owner. However, this can be potentially very dangerous especially on the busy streets and park alleys in big cities.

There is a perfect solution to this problem – the bicycle dog carrier. There are a number of models offered on the market at present that vary in terms of style and features.

This Dog Needs a Bicycle Dog Carrier

Still, it is worth taking note of the main advantages and disadvantages of the main types of such carriers available.

The classical bike front basket is now modified to comfortably accommodate even the most particular pup.

The hard bottom and the special inner waterproof and durable lining guarantee that your dog will feel like a royalty inside the compartment.

There is also a removable rain cover, which makes the carrier even more convenient. The majority of models also have a specific type of tethers usually chin rests, leashes and collars that allow the little one to be stable and safe.

The main advantage of this type of bicycle dog carrier is that the pet is always in front of you and can be conveniently monitored without you loosing control of the bike.

The only disadvantage comes from the fact that the basket can be attached only to the handlebar frame. The carrier can be quite unstable if the dog is not very small and can cause problems if the bottom reaches the front tire.

The carriers designed to be attached to the back of the bike do not differ to the basket ones in terms of features.

However, these are usually larger than the front baskets. They are also more stable given that they rest on a framed surface.

If you go for such a bicycle dog carrier you can be certain that it will be perfectly attached to the bike and provide the dog with the comfort and safety they deserve even if they are not very small and have gained a pound or two.

The only problem is that you will not be able to see how the pup is doing and you will probably have to turn your head around quite often.

Owners of large dogs should opt for the classic bicycle dog carrier – the trailer. It provides superb comfort to the pet and the biker plus the main compartment can be removed from the wheeled frame quickly and easily.


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