Bone and Muscle Disorders In Fish

Let's talk about bone and muscle disorders in fish.

You've heard of people having bone and muscle disorders, possibly dogs, but did you know that your pet fish could experience bone and muscle disorders too? They can.

Neon Tetra Disease can also cause bone and muscle disorders. Neon Tetra Disease is a parasite disease that occurs in small tetras, goldfish and some other aquarium fish. Spores or parasites form in the muscle tissue of the fish and muscle damage occurs.

Symptoms of this disease include whitened tissue or pale coloration, restlessness, difficulty swimming, curved spine, and cysts. The white tissue or pale coloration is the affected muscle inside the fish that is degenerating. The muscle damage curves the spine also known as broken back disease, and this causes swimming difficulties. Cysts are also very common with this disease, the fish may appear to be lumpy.

Most bone and muscles disorders are caused by infections, parasites, and dietary imbalances. Fish can get broken back disease, which bends their backbone. If not caused by Neon Tetra Disease it could be a sign of a vitamin C deficiency. Deficiencies in vitamin E or selenium can also lead to bone and muscle disorders.

In some cases, if your fish has experience an injury, it could have caused bone or muscle disorders.

If you notice a fish acting strangely or appearing to have a disease or disorder, remove them from the rest of your fish. Affected fish should be treated with medication. Depending on what is wrong with a fish their food or their water may have to be medicated.

If a dietary imbalance is to blame fish can be given vitamins. If the disorder wasn't noticed before it developed too much, fish should be able to recover.

Consult your vet if you have any further questions about disorders, diseases, and the proper medications.

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