Breakaway Dog Collar

Getting a breakaway dog collar will allow your dog to avoid strangulation from pulling to hard when worked up. This is a great harness for small dogs that are hyper and restless.

The reliable breakaway dog collar is the unique collar that allows your dog to escape successfully when threat of choking prevails.

Further it can be used to get him out of tight spots when a more fierce dog threatens him as the following content reveals.

You can now rest easier at night, knowing the trusted breakaway dog collar is on the market.

Many persons do not realize how critical it is when their dog gets all tied up on his lead or chain and can't break free. Such a situation could lead your dog to possibly choke or worse.

What happens when your puppy is unable to break free from the above-illustrated circumstance is the collar literally releases and your dog is able to avoid serious injury to his throat.

Also when a more assertive dog threatens and has him backed in a corner he is able to break free from his chain by way of his collar and run away from the other dog.

Once the dog recovers from the stressful event, you can place the collar around his neck again as it is still wearable.

This is due to the fact it is designed to release whenever the collar becomes too tight or snug which will occur when he is all bound up.

The breakaway also comes with hardware you are able to apply so that the collar also wears like any standard collar.

This means you are able by means of the special hardware provided with the collar to disengage the breakaway component. You will want to do this when you walk your dog or when it isn't necessary he remain on a lead.

The breakaway collar due to its versatility of use and safety feature may be a good choice especially when you place your dog on a lead that confines him to a certain area and you must leave him unattended for any period of time.

Many owners are resting easier knowing their dog isn't hurting himself when kept on a chain or lead while they are temporarily away.


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