Breakaway Dog Collars

The breakaway dog collars a proven dog accessory that will aide your dog from choking adding undue stress to their daily lives. Getting thr right one is key and this article explains the ins and outs you need to know about.

Breakaway Dog Collars address problems where your canine may get all tied up in his lead or chain and has no way out.

They are also ideal in getting him out of situations with less than friendly mutts—read on for more details!

Breakaway Dog Collars are revolutionary new style collars that allow release of your dog when he has found himself in less than a favorable situation.

All of us have seen our mutts become excited and get wrapped up in their leash or chain around posts, trees and so forth with no way to get out of their respective jams without our help.

In fact, if we've been busy our prized pooch may have been captured that way for hours on end with no successful way out of the situation.

The problem the described illustration presents for our dog is that there is a strong possibility of strangulation for the dog! Most of us do not realize this since we generally find him in his predicament before it becomes far worse.

However if the threat is there you still must address it—for your own peace of mind and the safety of your dog.

The breakaway collar addresses the problem by giving your dog a way to release himself from the stranglehold the chain is presenting to him or her.

The unique breakaway allows your dog to free himself as soon as his unique collar becomes too tight.

This means your dog suffers no injury and can break free of the harmful situation even when you are not present to help.

The breakaway is also good for situations where your animal is confronted with another trouble-making canine and backed in a corner.

If the other dog attacks while your beloved canine companion is still on the lead, your dog is in a position to escape. Once again, as soon as the collar becomes tight your animal can successfully escape.

It can be said, the breakaway collar takes canine safety to a whole new level.


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