Broken and Fractured Bones in Gerbils

Let's talk about broken and fractured bones in gerbils.

Broken bones as well as fractures are common injuries that gerbils experience. Fractured and broken bones can be the result of a few different things including falls and nutritional disorders. This article will discuss how gerbils get these injuries and the treatments.

Gerbils that run on wheels can also injure themselves if their wheel is a metal one where their feet and legs can fall through and get stuck. Gerbils that try to climb their cage can also get their legs stuck in cage wires resulting in injury. Injuries from falls usually occur when a gerbil tries to jump down from somewhere or accidentally falls from a fairly high place.

Nutritional disorders that cause broken bones are usually because they are disorders that make the bones weak and easily broken. These types of disorders include calcium and phosphorus imbalances.

It is usually pretty easy to notice if you gerbil has injured itself. It will usually have swelling and may be limping or not willing to move. There may also be a popping type sound where the fracture has occurred. In rare cases a broken bone can pierce through skin and the gerbil would have a noticeable wound.

 Luckily, if your gerbil fractures or breaks a bone, it can usually heal fairly quickly. You will probably want to take your gerbil to a veterinarian they may need to take an x-ray and restrain and bandage the injured area. Without the proper restraint, the bone might not heal properly. Antibiotics may also be given to the gerbil to prevent any infections from occurring.

If a nutritional disorder is the reason for a fractured or broken bone your veterinarian will prescribes supplements that will help make sure your gerbil is getting all the vitamins and minerals that its current diet is lacking. Supplements will also help a gerbil recover faster.

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