Is building a dog treadmill at home worth it?

By building a dog treadmill at home with simple tools, your canine can stay healthy and energentic during the long winter months.....How easy is it?...

Does your dog need exercise, but do to your own physical condition you can not take him for the proper exercise.

Do you hate walking in all kinds of weather even though you know it is good for you and your pet?

You will probably want a pet powered dog treadmill that you can install in your basement for those days when either the weather is bad or you do not feel up to exercising Spot outside.

Thinking of building a dog treadmill?

Take a look on the internet for sites that sell dog treadmills. You will have a hard time finding anything locally unless you happen to live in Michigan where two companies that make dog treadmills are located.

Temperance, Michigan and Ottawa Lakes are home to Grand Carpet Mills and Jog A Dog respectively. Grand Carpet Mills makes pet powered furniture quality treadmills for dogs that are shipped via UPS and need to be assembled once you receive the box.

Jog A Dog offers several models of powered treadmills that ship via Truck freight and are much more expensive.

Jog A Dog has been in business since 1972 in Ottawa Lake, Michigan and was started by George Hyland to meet the needs of show dog owners, hunting dog owners and regular dog owners to help build strength and stamina.

For over thirty five years Jog A Dog has been producing quality motorized treadmills for dogs in a variety of sizes. The smallest treadmill (Model DC4) runs $1195 and is ideal for toy breeds and has a tread length of four feet and a tread width of twelve inches.

The DC4 weighs only eighty four pounds and you can purchase accessory wheels to make it very easy to move. Speed is infinitely variable from zero to eight miles per hour with a one fourth horsepower motor.

If both of these companies are out of your price range you should look into building a dog treadmill.

After much research I have found that the best place for instructions and materials lists on building a dog treadmill can be found at

After looking over the parts list and what actually goes into building a dog treadmill I am not so sure that you would be better off buying the proper size treadmill from Grand Carpet Mills.

In the instructions they even suggest buying your dog exercise belt from Grand Carpet Mills.

Building the frame, buying the rollers (bearings, PVC pipe, etc.) installing the belt, adding side rails to keep your dog from falling or jumping off and injuring themselves and other safety precautions just add to the cost.


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