Can a Hamster Be Litter Box Trained?

Can a hamster be litter box trained? Hamsters are adorable and fun pets, but they aren't a pet that is known for being trained or following commands. So, is it possible that you could litter box train them? This article will explain how you can try to litter box train your hamster.

You can try to litter box train your hamster when they are at any age, but as with all pets if they are set in their ways they aren't likely to change. If you start litter box training the day you get your hamster the more likely it will be successful. However, all hamsters are different. Some hamsters won't use a litter box, not matter what you do or how early you started. Typically, hamsters are easy to train because they already like going to the bathroom in one spot, but there are always some exceptions.

If you want to litter box train your hamster, first you have to go to the pet store and buy a hamster litter box. There are small ones specially made for hamsters. Some attach to the cage while others just sit inside. Some hamster litter boxes even have covers.

Next, watch your hamster when its awake or when cleaning its cage look for a certain spot where all the hamster's droppings are. Place the litter box in that spot. The litter box should be about one-third filled with litter made for hamsters.

Wearing gloves or using tweezers, pick up some of your hamster's droppings and wet bedding and put them in the litter box. Keep doing this with fresh waste until your hamster gets the hint and begins using the litter box.

After a couple weeks the hamster should be litter box trained. At this point you will need to keep the litter box clean, changing the litter every week. When your hamster is litter box trained you may not have to completely change its bedding as much.

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