Can Chinchillas Choke?

Can chinchillas choke? Choking is actually more common in chinchillas than many other pets. It's not that other pets don't choke, they do, but they can vomit to relieve the obstruction. Chinchillas are unable to vomit. Therefore, if your chinchilla is choking, you will have to take immediate action.

What makes a chinchilla choke? They same things that can make any pet choke including food that is too large and gets stuck, bedding material that gets swallowed and becomes stuck. Female chinchillas eat their placenta after having their young and can sometimes choke on it.

Choking can cause fluid to build up in the lungs and chinchillas can end up in respiratory distress when choking. Also, if the choking is a complete obstruction and the chinchilla cannot get oxygen they can die.

If your chinchilla is choking you should easily be able to notice. They will cough, and appear to be trying to vomit even though they can't. Chinchillas will also gasp for air and paw at their mouth if they are choking. They may appear very anxious and restless and be salivating a lot.

Try to carefully remove the obstruction if you can. If your chinchilla is choking, but still getting air, immediately take them to a veterinarian or pet hospital. A veterinarian can give medication to help dislodge the obstruction or they can surgically remove the object if they need to. Chinchillas will need some rest and food that is very easy to swallow when recovering from a choking incident.

Choking is a serious issues, it leads to asphyxiation and death. If you have a pet chinchilla, you should talk to a veterinarian about everything you can do if your chinchilla is choking. Knowing how to properly handle the situation before it ever occurs may end up saving your furry little friend's life.

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