Can Dogs Get Acne?

Can dogs get acne? Let's talk about that.

We've all heard of acne and unfortunately you've probably had acne at some point in your life. It seems like acne would be a condition that only humans have to deal with, but surprisingly some dogs actually get acne too.

Dog acne is similar to human acne. In dogs it typically occurs around the time of puberty. In dogs that is at five to eight months old. Dogs over a year old don't develop acne. This is similar to a teenager getting acne. Acne isn't a serious condition in dogs. It does not harm them and it usually doesn't last very long. It is usually caused by hair follicle irritation. Rottweilers, bulldogs, boxers, and other breeds that have short hair tend to be the most likely dogs to develop acne.

While dog acne doesn't cause harm to your pet it can cause your pet some pain and itching. How will you know if your dog has acne since their fur may be covering it up? Your dog may seem itchy and be rubbing against furniture, your carpet, or other objects around the house. If you look at your dog's skin acne may appear as blackheads, similar to in humans, and also red bumps. Swelling also occurs sometimes as well. Most dog acne isn't a serious condition, however it is possible for an infection to develop in some cases.

If you believe your puppy might have acne, consult your veterinarian. They will probably want to examine your dog to make sure it is acne. If it is they will recommend different treatments. To help treat your dog's acne, topical treatments and shampoos are usually the most common options. If your dog has swelling, your veterinarian may also prescribe steroids and antibiotics may be required if there is an infection.

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