Can My Dog Get Along With A Rabbit?

Can my dog get along with a rabbit? You have a dog and you want to get a pet rabbit, but you're not sure if they can get along. This article can help give tips to pet owners that want to get their dog and rabbit to live together peacefully.

It is possible for your pets to get along, sometime they even become best friends. However, sometimes they don't end up getting along. It's definitely worth a try to make it work, but be aware of the possibility of having a dog and a rabbit that don't get along.

The success of your rabbit and dog being friends usually depends on the dog. Some dogs are friendly and well-trained while others may be stubborn and like to be alone. You can't change your dog's personality, just like you can't really change your own. The breed of your dog matters as well. Some breeds just have a natural instinct to chase and retrieve small animals such as birds, rabbits, etc.

Another part of success or failure when it comes to rabbits and dogs is your dog's socialization. Has your dog ever seen a rabbit before? Has your dog ever had to deal with any children or other animals in the household?

You will have to supervise your pets when they are together. Take safety precautions at first. Keep your dog on a leash and make sure you have a good grip. You may also want to keep the rabbit in its cage. This allows the pets to see each other and smell each other, however they won't be able to bite one another. When you can't be right there with your pets make sure they are separated. Keep them in opposite sides of your house or one upstairs and one downstairs.

Make sure your dog listens to your commands such as "no," "gentle," etc. Make sure your dog understands that you like the rabbit and the rabbit is here to stay in the house. Reward your dog when it is nice to the rabbit.

The process of introducing new pets can be difficult and it can take quite some time and effort to get the pets to be okay with each other. Just know that it is possible. Someday your dog and rabbit may take naps together.

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